Secure printing products require a number of printing techniques. Our company is focused on the development of technologies. Currently we make use both of sheet-fed and roll printing technology.

Offset printing

We use roll and sheet-fed offset. We can print both in the wet and dry technology using a whole spectrum of secure print colors.


One of the most secure printing methods is Intaglio. This method allows to print the finest lines and the most intricate designs. We have multicolor Intaglio machine which enable us to print also large scale works.

Screen printing

Screen printing achieves much more saturated and glossy color than any other technique. This technique enables to acquire a slight relief on the printed surface. Some special colors can be applied only using screen printing. We also use rotary screen printing.


Widely used on certificates, tickets and identity documents, holograms are one of the most popular ways to increase security of a document. Baltijas Banknote uses both linear and positioned holograms.


We offer various technics for products personalization. Letter-press, InkJet or laser printing. To make materials more secure, we can make numbering with colors that contain security elements.

Self-adhesive materials

By way of special materials, we produce self-adhesive materials.

Other solutions

We offer a range of specific solutions tailored to each client’s needs. We have experienced and professional staff who will make sure clients receive secure, high quality and customized products.

Secure printing of any type and degree of complexity