We are able to produce printed materials featuring various anti-counterfeit elements. Materials are made using advanced printing techniques and security elements.

Excise stamps

The stamps are used to protect excise goods such as tobacco products and alcoholic beverages. To ensure the desired level of protection each order is completed using various custom anti-counterfeit elements.

Postage stamps

We do print postage stamps in the traditional sense, with mechanical perforations. We also print modern self-adhesive postal stamps. The quality of our postal stamps is internationally acclaimed.

Vehicle registration certificates

Depending on the client’s wishes, we print vehicle registration certificates with security elements of three levels.

ID documents

We print identity documents using various production technologies.

Letterheads, certificates etc.

"Baltic Banknote" has an excellent track record of preparing high security documents such as registered receipt forms, bonds, educational certificates, transport certificates etc. Our products will feature security solutions required by the client.


In response to client wishes, we prepare visas on self-adhesive paper with the most appropriate anti-counterfeit elements.

Transport tickets

Depending on client wishes we prepare single use transport tickets or monthly tickets. Jointly with clients we have adapted our products to specific needs and come up with well-designed and secure solutions.

Products on self-adhesive material

We print various types of products on self-adhesive material for printing on paper and PVC materials. The self-adhesive material is produced at our own plant which significantly increases the level of security of our products.

Brand protection elements

Brand protection elements are made by "Baltic Banknote" in order to protect a product or a trademark against counterfeits. We assist the client in finding a solution and adjust to the client’s needs.

Design and product development

We provide advice during product development and seek solutions to clients’ problems. Using specialized computer software we develop secure printing designs and ensure comprehensive security of products. We use the most advanced elements of secure printing.